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The Smart Roadster- an Autobiographie (english Edition)

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The book:
As a motoring journalist, Bernhard Reichel gets to look behind the scenes of the auto-mobile industry. From experience, he has come to hold one car in particularly high regard: the Smart Roadster. A proud Roadster owner himself, Bernhard Reichel has compiled his extensive know-ledge about the model's origins, its history, and its legacy.

The Smart Roadster was born under a bad sign. The powers-that-be gave the car a mere two years to establish itself, and hold its own, on the market - a remarkable short time for a completely new and bespoke model range, not to mention a concept as far ahead of its time as this. The Smart Roadster still polarises the audience: There are those who will not regard it as a proper car at all. And there are others who appreciate its qualities, and overlook - or iron out - its shortcomings. This book is dedicated to them! On 172 pages, Vienna-born Bernhard Reichel discusses every aspect of this extraor-dinary car in great detail, accompanied by over 140 colour images, some of them never published before. A book for all current fans of Smart's cult classic - and for fans in the making!

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